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Vatsayana in Kamasutra, mentions the matching of ‘Yoni’ through matching horoscopes of two individuals, as a main factor that makes two people sexually compatible. It was used widely in ancient times especially to find the right ‘mistresses’ and ‘masters’, and yes marriages.

Simply put the “Yoni” shows specific soul tendencies for emotional and physical involvement within sexual relationships, personified as 14 different kinds of animals. Literally, Yoni means sexual organs. In Vedic Astrology sexual compatibility is checked for the purpose of joining the inner Shiva and Shakti within both individuals so this balanced energy may allow Mother Kundalini to rise up the central channel and dance in divine union with Lord Shiva.

When matchmaking a horoscope for marital purposes, Yoni is treated as an important factor which can make or break a marriage. Of the 36 points for maximum compatibility, 4 points belong to Yoni. Similar ‘yoni’ of partners fetches 4 points and indicates excellent compatibility in this aspect of life. Friendly yoni scores 3 points and indicates above average compatibility. Neutral yoni gets 2 points and indicates average compatibility. Inimical yoni obtains 1 point and indicates below average compatibility, and greatly inimical yoni finds 0 point and indicates lack of sexually related happiness. All 4 points, in this calculation indicates satisfaction level coming from partner in sex performance on appeasing the biological need.

This compatibility is assessed on the basis of animal characteristics determined on the basis of Nakshatras or active constellations. Every Nakshatra is represented by an animal that has either masculine energy or feminine energy. Masculine energy is more active and dynamic, while the feminine energy is the passive or receptive. Ideal sexual compatibility is between the male and female of the same species. For example, Ashwa (Horse) Male and Ashwa (Horse) Female are sexually compatible. That is, if one of partner’s birth star is Ashwini and other’s is Shatbhisha, both would be understood as sexually compatible.

Do note however that, for a complete relationship compatibility there are other 32 points to score.

The yoni a person belongs to, can even describe the size and shape of your genitalia. The most compatible combination is a penis and a vagina of the same animal. Animals of the same type (both predators or both ruminants, etc.) are also compatible. There are certain combinations like cow & tiger or monkey & sheep – (imagine that) that are especially incompatible. Interestingly, two vaginas are considered more compatible than two penises. The point to be noted is that Men and women both can be born under either of the male or female constellations.

The soul species is most sexually compatible in its own kind. The penis must fit the vagina in every which way. In size, in girth, in depth, in texture and in stimulation, stamina, adventurous streaks, fantasies, fetishes and in receptivity; As perfectly as it can. And apparently a horoscope can calculate it all. Incompatibility as an example, could for one, that the penis is too big for the vagina, or the vagina is too deep for the penis.

The astrological studies also state that if the woman has a male yoni by virtue of being born in a certain constellation (male or female constellation), she will be the aggressor or ravisher in the relationship. Their sex roles will be reversed and she might be the proverbial woman on top. The man might be meek and will not be the initiator in the sex act. This could lead to dull or frigid responses from the woman or vice versa. The yoking of dissimilar yonis is a sure shot way to perpetuate affairs because the yonis obviously seek out their own right fits. The yoni of the tiger will not fit with that of the horse or the bull man will find the cat yoni strange and will be out seeking his own pleasure most times.

The animals are connected to their characteristics in the wild. The animal signs represent the intuitive nature of humans.. If you are seeking sexual happiness, astrological systems insist on one choosing a partner who is your animal counterpart. Animals that are inimical in the animal kingdom will not have a good sexual compatibility. It is also important to remember, sexual compatibility does not necessary suggest that you are in harmony in other areas of relationships too.


*The Mongoose has no ideal sexual partner. This is a point where the soul realizes that their spiritual journey needs to be completed alone. The mongoose always has to compromise on their sexual happiness. There are partners who will fulfill their sexual needs but never totally satisfy.

The sexual relationships of the following pairs are termed non-compatible.

1. Cat and Rat

2. Cow and Tiger

3. Serpent and Mongoose

4. Horse and Buffalo

6. Dog and Cat/Hare

6. Monkey and Sheep

7. Tiger and Mongoose

8. Tiger and Horse

9. Bull and Cat

Qualities of Animal Yoni:

It has been mentioned in scriptures of mythology that there are 84 lakh Yonis or creatures in the whole Universe. Humans are the middle Yoni among all kinds of Yonis. According to Astrology even if we take birth in Manushya Yoni the birth-Nakshatra who holds our instinctive qualities will always have an influence of on us.

Keyword Characteristics

Buffalo/Bull/Ox – strength, patience, overrunning.

Cat/Hare – cleanliness, finicky, detached, indifferent, fear, comfort

Cow/Camel- Utility, overrunning.

Dog/Wolf- loyalty, friendship, slinking, holing up.

Elephant – understanding, immobility.

Horse – power, panic.

Lion – pride, leadership, respect.

Monkey – playfulness, lack of seriousness.

Mongoose – viciousness, speed.

Rat – trickiness or treachery.

Sheep/Goat – gentleness, retreat, bareness.

Snake – Transmutation, hibernation, sneakiness.

Tiger – aggression, ruthlessness.

Size of Sex Organs


Man has been divided into three types according to the size of Penis

1. Cat/Hare- man has shortest male organs upto 4″ in length.

2. Buffalo/Ox/Bull man has medium male organ upto 6″ in length.

3. Horse man has longest male organs upto 8″ in length.

Circumference of the Penis is according to the length but it may not be proportional.


Female has been divided into three types according to the depth of vagina.

1. Deer woman has shortest vaginal passage – 4″ long.

2. Hare/Cat women has medium vaginal passage – 6″ long.

3. Elephant woman has longest vaginal passage – 8″long.

Circumference is in proportion to vaginal length but can be stretched to a longer size.

It is up to everyone of course to dismiss or accept ancient wisdom if your sex life is not rocking, or has never rocked. Maybe just move on to a different lover and see if its a more befitting yoni?

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