Indian Sexuality is an anonymous blog, run by an anonymous team. However our aim is to scour the planet and our own country, to bring to Indian people relevant information that most are fearful of knowing, asking or exploring. It is information that can only enhance and smoothen our relationship with the subject of sex. A subject that is considered taboo and ‘wrong’ to explore with.

For too long, most Indians have have been led to believe that speaking and exploring avenues of sex is taboo. For too long we have been kept suppressed and oppressed about it. As of it is wrong, when it is but merely human nature. Far too many judgements have caused us to behave badly, cause frustrations, problems and guilt over it.

While the world calls us the ‘Nation of Kamasutra’, there is hardly anything that remains of that notion. So much so that it has affected our relationships with people that we choose to explore our sexuality with. Things are left unexpressed, unsaid, unexplored causing only severe consequences, frustrations and guilt. And the endeavor of this blog is to help change that, through interesting and relevant information and sources educational to all of us.

For information and queries please write at indiansexuality@gmail.com


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